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"The painter takes his / her body with them" indeed we cannot imagine how a mind could paint. it is by lending his/her body to the world that the artist changes the world into paintings,
to understand these transubstantiations we must go back to the actual working body - not as a chunk of space or a bundle of functions but that body which is an interweaving of vision and movement
Maurice Merleau - Ponty

Its interesting to find scribbled bits of quotes that have interested me in the past this snippet shows an interest in the act and physicality of painting and singing , the body in movement something that is linked to my being and understanding of being,
doubt being a very destructive part of that understanding.

I have lived a life as an artist in doubt. but thats another story.

Wearing the dunces cone cap and standing on a chair in school for always being the lowest achiever actually does damage to a persons mind. My genaration had a tough schooling especially with dyslexia, this was only one of the contributing factors for a fragmented and confused life.

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