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manfred new jersey NY 2013
Manfred Losch, Magician, juggler, Yoga master, and lovely friend I am so sorry that I neglect you.
Manfred 1984 Hastings conte crayon on paper [Click and drag to move] ??

I first met Manfred when i was about 11 years and he didn’t really notice me then. to me he was a tall dark American that could do the lotus position which in the late 1960`s was a very exotic thing to be able to do.

Years later he nearly proposed to me but his pipe got in the way.
“it’s either you or my pipe, and the pipe wins" so I didn’t marry him.

American born to Jewish parents just outside New York, Manfred can remember everything. Like all his dreams and who was in his class at school, the number on your £10 note and what you said in 1983 whilst wearing a leopard print dress. Although impressive, that kind of intense memory is a disadvantage for his mental health. The curse of memory. and a diagnosis of schizophrenia

Manfred came into my life proper in 1977, brother to my landlady in Hastings, he would call in and fill my flat with pipe smoke, stand on his head, and do card tricks and juggle then eat a whole bunch of bananas just because he could. He was also very strong and his bulging muscles almost ripped through his shirt when he flexed.
So handsome and funny, deep and moving we all love Manfred. I really loved him.

Manfred who solves the Star Ledger Crossword puzzle “with half of my brain tied behind my back"
And wrist curls with 10lb dumbbells, to develop a strong and powerful grip. Makes balloon models to keep the nurses happy and performs rope tricks
Manfred can do any-thing
He is magnificent

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