Beatrice Lacey is an English painter and photographer living in the South of England.

Founder of the Memorial Art Gallery, Beatrice is also known for the wide variety of artistic drawing styles developed and explored around ideas about the body and the space occupied by the body and portraiture.

Beatrice received formal artistic training from her father in figure drawing. The father-daughter relationship grew in his studio where the two would look at the etchings of Goya and other artists in preference to the usual fairy stories.

Edward Lacey was a traditional, academic artist and instructor who believed that drawing training required disciplined looking , and studying the masters, as well as drawing the human body.

A childhood split between Hastings Brixton, London.Brarrice had the best of both worlds and As a child divided her time between the two locations. In colourful Brixton, Beatrice experienced a life that only a thriving market and influx of immigrants could provide. Brixton in the 1960s was filled with the reggae, blue beat and afro culture along with an underworld of ex war time spivs and gangsters.

This contrasted with the imaginative and dreamy existence of being in her father’s studio in Hastings, long walks in the countryside and conversations with him about artists and fairyland. Neither existence was ordinary as both places led to a free and unconventional childhood and fed the mind of an artist.

These two very different early influences led to a broader outlook for Beatrice as the theatrical exuberance of the market life and the more introspective and creative life with her father in Hastings had a great bearing on her self-expression and love of performance.

It was in London that Beatrice attended the Oval House theatre school and studied improvised theatre as well as Jazz voice with Maggie Nichols; she loved the spontaneity of jazz improvisation and the expression of free fringe theatre.

Her father had died when Beatrice was just nine years old. She did not return to Hastings until 1976, at the age of 18 when she moved back in an attempt to rediscover some of the magic she had experienced in the studio with her father. Beatrice thrived by the sea.

She started a family of her own This inspired Beatrice to continue with her art and gained a place at Goldsmiths to take an art degree course. Later, after another two children and working in her husband’s family business, she completed a Masters degree in fine art at UCA, Canterbury.

Beatrice is currently developing The Memorial Art Gallery in Hastings where she has her studio. In addition, she is currently working on a project which involves photography and film and improvised music. Performance and body the main subjects.

“My inspiration stems from an interest in capturing the aesthetic qualities of the human form. To this end, my current images combine a contrast between form and spirit, offering the reminder that all formations of being are transient.”
Beatrice Lacey

Beatrice Lacey (b.1957).
I was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from Goldsmiths College, University of London. 1987 – 1990 and a Masters Degree in Fine Art from UCA Canterbury.

Past exhibitions include:

Rye Society of Artists group- show;
Stables Theatre Hastings Art Gallery one- woman show;
Brixton Art Gallery one- woman show;
Hastings Museum group - show; ‘The Pie Factory’
Margate group - show;
Memorial Art Gallery Hastings one - woman show;
Weekend Gallery Hastings one - woman show.
Pure Arts, autumn arts fair 2012,
6 by 12 Bexhill.
4 play 1066 Academy Battle
Body and movement, may 2013 1066 Academy Battle
Photo fusion group show, 2013
Kortars Muveszzeti Kozpont, eger Botanic Art 2017
Salt mother , Hodgson Loom Gallery, Isle of Man, 2018
Stables art gallery ,Hastings, Contra Punctal June 2018
all works are viewable at the memorial art gallery in hastings, by appointment

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