Memories, scraps and scrapes from a chaotic mind

An attempt at writing my life
I have the intention of making my own memoirs, my only problem is a chaotic and dyslexic mind .
I was told that a blog is the most effective way to bring together scraps of scribbles made through my life and try to see if they add together to make something cohesive.
i was born
and now i am 60
in between those two events me becoming and me being, i have tried in different ways to keep a journal or even to take notes relevant to what i was thinking at the time , all done in an attempt to make sense of a fragmented existence. i am sure there is a diagnosis for my lack of sustenance and will power apart from laziness and just plain being thick but i cant find one

So for the purpose of this blog i have gathered together all my existing note taking and will scatter in between my thoughts talk about my memories of a thoroughly dysfunctional family and my part in this.
A fragmented story from a scattered mind.
re organised texts