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Sunday 22nd May
Beatrice Lacey Artist
11am to 3pm

Join us for a glass of bubbles and a preview of an exceptional artist.

WWW, London Road, St Leonards on Sea, will be opening it's door on Sunday 22nd May for the first event they're hosting since November '19!
"It's a preview of the recent work of a very special artist, Beatrice Lacey. I first met Beatrice 15 years ago when I moved to St Leonards and have always admired her work, particularly her life studies and her use of colour. Given that we are currently closed on Sundays, I thought what better use of the day than to suggest that she use the space for a Preview Event. So welcome Beatrice and welcome all!"


Image : Fragments, 36 x 36 ins, oil on canvas.



Losing someone you love

Artist, Self and Body


I have lived a life as an artist in doubt. but that’s another story.

To Sing


About voice and decision making, taken from notes written many years ago.

Lavender House


Above the smell of fat and frying, of the mermaid cafe, the cockle and whelk stalls and the amusement arcade.

Manfred the Magnificent


Years later he nearly proposed to me, but his pipe got in the way. “It’s either you or my pipe, and the pipe wins" so I didn’t marry him.

About Improvising and In Praise of Scribbling


I scribble myself, scribble my body my dreams, until a new order is found.

Myths Revisited


My life to this point has been of a voyeur, watching my own pain and unaware of and looking for my own mythological double.

Fairlight Beach


“The root of man’s/ woman’s anxiety’s is his intensity to feel and know they exists”

Lost Between Two Accidents


A bit of my story, I have been visited by death from birth.

Memories of a Passing


5th August 2019 Kings College Hospital, Oliver Ward. On being a daughter.

Brixton Years


Growing up with and without a father, Brixton in the 1960`s was full of music, colour, and the street cries of the stall holders. We moved into Electric Avenue in 1965 I am 7 years old

A Ghost Story


It is 1976, I am 17 years old, and the new year was as cold as can be, ice ferns on the insides of the windows and deep snow, enchanting, and I am living with the Brixton squatting community, who saved my life and acted as dysfunctional parents to me.

Me and My Mum


Moments with genius - My mother sat with the look of a menace. There is a look that is family orientated that both my grandmother had and my Auntie Patsy, this would come over my mother’s face just as she was about to be brutal funny or wicked about something, which face it was most times.

Absence Presence


To have or to occupy a place somewhere. Expressing the most general relation of a thing to its place, a town, house, body, the past and a jacket, was occupied and undulating with chaos and hope.

Memories, Scraps and Scrapes from a Chaotic Mind


An attempt at writing my life.