About Improvising and In Praise of Scribbling

I scribble myself, scribble my body my dreams, until a new order is found.
I have good fortune to have met a few other people like myself and we regularly meet and make sound, we get together and we scribble.

Moram on guitar, Nick on bass, Alison on flute and me on voice and piano, we work as a unit and with an unconventional structure, we create with scribbles of sound, within this we make new forms and occupy new worlds together and feel. The principle is that most importantly we can hear each other. Sound balance and sound democracy is uppermost. We have a naive and childlike approach to making sound and we work as one, and what we do is immediate.
I like to make sound as much as I like to make images, one makes sense of the other, and they both create a place of authenticity during the moment of action.

“Everyone knows that a place exists which is not economically or practically indebted to all the vileness and compromise. That is not obliged to reproduce the system. That is writing.
If there is somewhere else that can escape the infernal repetition, it lies in that direction, where it writes itself, where it dreams, where it invents new worlds"
Helene Cixous , A Tarantella of a theory

I copied this quote down a few years ago, and knew its relevance to me as a creative being and experienced its truth through making sound.

It has to do with my search for authentic self and meaning, There seems to have been a hint that this is accessed through writing, writing yourself , writing your body, your dreams your mind. or in my case less like writing and more like scribbling.

I scribble myself, scribble my body my dreams, until a new order is found, but only to dismantle and rebuild convention and find a good place for my mind. This mind place is beyond economics and compromise, is a place of freedom and authenticity. Somewhere that breaks convention and is creative. A one-off quote or an utterance, a stream of consciousness or noise produced from the self, voice, and percussion and poetry, all made in the moment and born from a scribble. That’s how I experience improvisation.