I re work images to get an understanding of memoirs and memories, creating my present out of scraps and fragments of my past.

My present works are revisiting places in time and authorising using colour and light.
The body has always been a subject for my work a fascination with the anatomy and presence,
I am influenced by the impressionism of the turn of the century where artists used the body as a subject for their practice and thought.

My figures are solitary in the main and I feel reflect me. I dissolve myself my body and the marks become a subjective abstract presence of emotion and in some instances a shadow or transparent.
The activity of making marks and reading marks makes expression with colour movement in a way that I can only otherwise experience in music. Music being my other love and practice.

I use the camera to gather information about textures spaces and form. And I use a digital process to reform my images. My paintings are worked and reworked through time, they are often old paintings bought to life and reworked to understand my own process and reconsider my past. Reminiscence of past states as a methodology.